Looking for a Premium line bathroom?

Top kopalnice (top bathrooms) is the bathroom line of the Top Dom group which is one of the leading retailers in the field of roofing, building materials, facade systems and insulation materials.


Raise awareness of the premium bathroom lines that the company offers for people who are renovating or building a new bathroom. Create a website where people get the inspiration or an idea for a new bathroom, find usefull advices and order a 3d render of their new bathroom.


Premium website with beautiful modern visuals of the bathrooms, where people can explore and find all the materials they need for their dream bathroom. They can save the products they want in a wishlist which they can bring along when visiting a store for a 3d render. Website is also filled with useful articles regarding renovation and current design trends.


Information architecture and wireframes

After setting up the information structure, I created a clickable wireframe prototype where we could test all the user journeys and adjust them.

Part 2

UI Design, how it will look like

With wireframe confirmed, I started designing desktop and mobile versions of the website. I used pastel colour tones with very minimalistic design so the visuals of the bathrooms were the main focus.