DRAMA.si - THEATRE site redesign

SNT Drama Ljubljana is the central drama theatre in Slovenia, with the largest, most recognizable and respected ensemble, which consists of 43 actresses and actors.


Visually and technologically outdated website that is non-responsive. Very rigid structure that is hard to navigate and very unfriendly CMS.


Create a responsive website that is easy to navigate and visually represents the level of quality that the theatre stands for.


Information architecture and WIREFRAMES

First steps were defining new information architecture of the website, define hierarchy of information and then do research on best practices of theater websites and create a clickable wireframe prototype to test all the user flows.



Once I finished with the wireframes I connected them into the interactive prototype. That way I make sure, that the clients know exactly how the website is structure and how the user navigates.

Part 3

UI Design, how it will look like

Next I defined the styleguide and designed desktop and mobile versions of the website. The style is very minimalistic with bold fonts which complement imagery from Drama theatre. Blue color is used as a guide for user to know which elements are clickable.