Small AND premium digital agency.

Demar is a small but premium award winning digital agency from Slovenia. They create amazing digital solutions for boutique customers across the country.
Their approach is personal and they nourish the relationships they build.


Help them create digital presence that will reflect the quality of work they do and help them generate more leads and new clients.


A modern, bold, creative website, that clearly communicates Demars values, approach and personality. It positions thems as a premium digital service provider.


Information architecture and wireframes

After confirming the information architecture, with goals in mind I created wireframe which outlined the structure of the website, where content will stand, and how users will interact with it.

Part 2

UI Design, how it will look like

With wireframes confirmed, I dived head first into defining new art direction of the website. I aimed at premium yet bold graphic language, that clearly communicates that this is a high-end agency.